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Tales To Share

Reminiscence Workshops,


 Oral History





Reminiscence is the act or process of recalling and sharing one's memories, and is a normal part of everyday life for most people of all ages. In their later years, however, people often lose those with whom they have most in common, whether through bereavement or geographical separation, leaving them feeling very alone with their memories.


Tales To Share offer bespoke reminiscence workshops for groups.  Our trained facilitators use memory boxes, scents, oral history, arts, singing groups and an inter generational element to make the sessions a fun and interactive social experience for all participants.

Tales to Share Workshops: Reduce social isolation and promote positive mental health and well being amongst older people in community and care settings, especially those with specific mental health problems including dementia.


Tales to Share Workshops aid:

Community building - sharing memories with others from a similar background generates a strong sense of belonging to a community and having a valued role within it 

Inter generational bridges - through workshops with schools and nurseries and colleges stimulating projects using memories and how they relate to the world today.

Cultural integration - reminiscence is also a means of celebrating difference, bringing  communities with different racial, cultural and religious backgrounds together to exchange life experience 

Combating isolation - loss of partners and close friends in later life can lead to isolation and withdrawal. Reminiscence offers a means of inclusion in a desirable social group which shares a common life experience  

Friendship - pleasurable contact through sharing common memories can become the basis for new friendships between participants in the present 

Finding perspective - having an opportunity to share and reflect on one's experience of life in a supportive atmosphere increases people's sense of identity, their sense of who they are. It helps people to integrate the different parts of their life into a more meaningful whole  

A sense of history - sharing stories with people of the same generation or with much younger people helps to develop a sense of oneself as a participant in the great social and historical upheavals of the last century 


Respect - in reminiscence everyone is the expert on his or her own life and is recognised as an individual with unique experience to impart 

Stimulation - being in a group where the memories are shared can stimulate the recall of long-forgotten experiences and put participants back in touch with parts of their lives which are pleasurable to remember 

Psychological support - where memories are painful, it can be helpful to find others who can relate to one's own past struggles, so one does not have to feel so alone in suffering  

Creativity - encouraging people to explore their memories through creative activities is pleasurable for participants and entertaining for anyone with whom they may wish to share their results.  
 Empowerment - reminiscence work with people with special needs, and especially older people with dementia, can help to build self-confidence and independence by concentrating on strengths and creating opportunities for success 

 Tales to Share workshops stimulate and guide the discussion, introduce exercises and activities and use multi-sensory triggers to stimulate the return and reconsideration of memories. 


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