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Arts On Presciption Meets       

Sir Quentin Blake


We are living in an unprecedented time, a time in which Covid-19 affected the entire world.

  We are all part of this story and The Lockdown History Project 2020 is designed to enable people to write their own page in History.  We wanted local families to document their everyday life through lockdown in a fun and interactive way.


We are hoping that people will submit their work to us and that we as a collective community will be able to display the work as a lasting peoples living history project.


We approached Sir Quentin Blake and he thought the idea was great and agreed to do some of the illustrations for us.  He also designed an illustration for the Arts On Prescription Project which is an honour to have this unique design to head our project.

Thankyou Sir Quentin Blake!

HR LP212_004.jpg

Click Below To Download our Lockdown Activity pack for families and write your own page and take part in a fun and interactive living history project...

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