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Doctors In The UK Will Soon Be Prescribing Dance Classes

It's become a colloquialism—or, we admit, a cliche—to say that dance can heal.

But with a new initiative launched by British Health Secretary Matt Hancock, doctors in the U.K. will soon be able to prescribe dance classes—along with art, music, sports, gardening and more—for patients suffering from conditions as various as dementia, lung problems and mental health issues.

Termed "social prescribing," these interventions aim to complement more traditional treatment methods and offer an alternative to overprescribing medications. "We've been fostering a culture that's popping pills and Prozac, when what we should be doing is more prevention and perspiration," said Hancock in a speech earlier this week, as reported by Smithsonian.

And though they may not be doctor-prescribed, programs in the U.S. show just how significant an impact movement can have as a form of treatment. For instance, when Mark Morris Dance Group's successful Dance for Parkinson's Disease program was profiled in the Journal of Neural Transmission in 2016, researchers found that patients who took 16 classes over eight weeks showed a 10.4 percent improvement in overall movement, a 26.7 percent improvement in walking and a 18.5 percent improvement in tremors. In 2010, researchers from the University of Missouri found that The Lebed Method, a low-impact dance class for seniors, improved balance and gait, thereby reducing the risk of injury due to falling. Plus, additional studies have shown that dance can reduce anxiety, improve cognitive functions and more.

In other words, the Brits are probably on to something. Pilot programs across the U.K. are already underway, and the initiative is intended to take full effect by 2023.

Nov. 30, 2018 For

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1 commentaire

Друзі, дуже круто, що є місце, де ми можемо обговорити новини та поспілкуватися з їх приводу більш детально. Як на мене, то у наш час, ви маєте мати при собі завжди якісний новинний портал, котрий допоможе вам з актуальною інформацією вашого міста, чи країни. Я до прикладу завжди читаю новини про прикмети, бо без цього взагалі нікуди, а особливо з ранку, коли тобі потрібна максимально актуальна та якісна інформація про ситуацію, котра є на сьогоднішній день. Таким чином, я дуже вдячний цьому неймовірному інформаційному порталу за його роботу і ту можливість дізнаватися всі новини пов'язані з прикметами, яка у мене є.

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