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Mary Dawson


I retired from paid professional work in 2008, since that time I have reflected on my past life’s journey. As a child I loved being outside in nature, writing stories, drawing and making things.

I had one brother with a chronic illness which lead me to become a ‘helper’


I trained and worked as a hospital nurse later joining a specialist team of Health Visitors who worked with families with various difficulties. To aid this work I obtained my Psychology degree.


This also lead me to explore complementary therapies.

I left the NHS and worked as an independent Family and Child Therapist (Qualified Play Therapist). I was also a qualified supervisor and workshop leader for seven years. I offered workshops using the creative methods of Play Therapy art, drama, sand play and story. 

Other trainings & qualifications included counselling courses, Solution Focused Therapy, Person Centred Art Therapy and Play Back Theatre. 


My love of and need to be in nature has been at the core of my life.   After retirement I trained and worked as a Forest School leader volunteering for Sussex Wild life Trust and RSPCA and am a trustee active in the development of the Bohemia Walled Garden overseeing many projects and events there for families and the public in general.


I trained as a Story teller at Emerson College, and use story as a way of connecting with others especially in outside spaces. I really enjoy helping others to express themselves through their stories and creativity.


For my personal Well Being I make textiles, in various medium, write, dance, practice Qigong, walk in nature and celebrate the seasons with ceremony and creativity.


Having known Tara Reddy, the inspiration for this project, for many years I wish to support this work. Sessions for adults using Creative Methods in small groups offering ways of managing stress and finding useful ways of ‘Being’

             To consider positive ways of living our lifes in harmony on this beautiful and wild earth.

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