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Lost Skills

The Lost Skills and Past Times Wall Mural –

funded by the Heritage Lottery and inspired by a Reminiscence Workshop held with participants at Heathfield Community Center.

Over 10 weeks

the group discussed and reflected on how 'everyday life has changed', how 'they had to make do and mend' and how 'they had grown their own'.

Inspired by the sharing of personal stories a Ceramic Wall Mural was made to illustrate memories  of past times. 

Tara Reddy

Lost Skills Tile Display
One of Our Sessions
Anthonys Story
Some of our participants
In Your Own Words
A Selection
Remedies For Ailments
Rag and Bone Man
Stockings and Gravy Powder
At The Seaside
Being Gassed and Growing Vegetables
Village Life
Digging for Victory (and Dinner)
Hoovers sound like Doodle Bugs
Lots to talk about
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