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Art in the Park
Welcome to our new venue in Alexandra Park, Hastings


In April 2022, Arts on Prescription moved into a disused building, Art in the Park!


It's a lovely green and therapeutic space set in the beautiful Alexandra Park, Hastings, East Sussex, UK.

During our first year, we delivered multiple family-friendly events reaching over 1000 residents.

From Art in the Park, we will build on our experience, collaborating with other community groups to develop an exciting and varied art and well-being program that promotes inclusivity, creativity, spending time in nature and getting active. 

Our aim is to create an accessible volunteer-led well-being hub for all to enjoy throughout the year.


We need YOUR help to make our vision possible!

There isn't any heating in the building and the current wooden access ramp is damaged and in need of repair. 

We are crowdfunding to install a sustainable heating system, a robust wheelchair ramp, and a storage shed for our equipment.

With your help we will be able to make the building and lawn an accessible warm space, which will allow us to continue our funded, inclusive program of activities throughout the colder months of the year when many people feel lonely and isolated. Click here to help us fundraise!

If you want more information about what's happening at Art in the Park, follow us on social media, or contact us to find out more.

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