Arts On Prescription

Corona Virus Update

Following the Coronavirus updates, Arts on Prescription weekly art sessions are continuing on line as a  safeguarding action to protect both our participants and facilitators.

We appreciate the social value the art sessions bring to people with challenges accessing activities in the wider community so Arts on Prescription have set up a Facebook AOP members group.  


 Also each week Arts on Prescription Team (AOP)  are streaming  'keep safe, stay well, be creative!' Art and Chat sessions.


The aim is to reduce feelings of isolation, keep the group connected and maintain the creative flow.

Please complete the questionnaire form in the Contacts Section to enable us to understand what classes you would like to participate in and also if you require an art and wellbeing Box to enable you to participate in art activities at home.


Collaborating with support services whose clients are at risk of deterioration in mental Health and well-being the AOP team have put together Art and Well-being Boxes to reduce The impact of lockdown and isolation.

The boxes include art materials, art activities, well-being tips and contacts to local services.

As we are aware that many vulnerable people have no access to phones or internet The boxes also include stamped addressed blank postcards so messages can be sent.

'We appreciate that this time is a very unsettling time for people and our wish is to support people to keep safe, stay well, be creative!'