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Annie Blocksage

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It’s Just a Thought…Learn how your thoughts can trick you into believing something that isn’t real, isn’t true… I can help you uncover the real you the YOU you were born to be… Learn about Clarity and Peace of mind… It’s easy because you already know all you need to know, and you can find it by uncluttering you thoughts and understanding a few basic principles in life. No need for books or pen and paper just a willingness to listen. Gradually you will notice a change in your perception of life. New fresh thoughts will come to you that will guide you through life the way your life is meant to be for you. I will help you uncover your true wellbeing. It’s there in you!  Come, let’s uncover it together.

My name is Annie and for 30yrs I’ve been searching for inner peace. I was a Self Help Junkie, moving from one method to the next never finding total satisfaction you name it I tried it, yoga, chanting, reiki, crystals, meditation Transactional Analysis, Tapping, group work Therapy and much more…Then 3 years ago I came across an understanding that is so simple and takes no doing or practising. Now my perception of my life has shifted, I live my life from the inside out, using my inner wisdom to show me the way… You can to, join me on the Inside Out Revolution that is changing hundreds of thousands of lives. Imagine a life with no fear no anxiety, Just Clarity of Mind allowing you to confidently know that you are fundamentally OK. 

I love to dance… All my life I have danced… I have danced professionally in Cabarets, Theatres, TV, Films, Musicals, Pantomimes and Summer Seasons. I want to share with you the Joy of dancing. Come & practise the Art of Moving and Grooving your body your way in a Joyful way. I can guide you towards your own inner happiness and wellbeing while you just become more YOU, a more relaxed YOU, a fun YOU. Through dancing you can be happy and Joyful, with the added benefits of becoming fitter and flexible. So keep away the stiffness and aches and pains and join me in some Joyful Dance workshops to old and new music, Lets mix it up have fun and dance.

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