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Alice Mason

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My name is Alice Mason.  I have been a painter all my life and am deeply inspired by nature, mysticism, spirituality, mountains and primal landscapes.  I sell my work online and in galleries and art fairs. My travels to Andalucia in Southern Spain are great inspirations to my art, and I make regular trips there.  I have a B.A. Hons in Fine Art and have regularly taught Art, aswell as English as a foreign language.  I prefer to see myself as an art facilitator, rather than teacher, gently guiding you and drawing out your innate creative ability and passion.

I was born in Norfolk UK, to artistic parents.   My father an architect and my mother a teacher.  Both were great musicians, and musical ability has always been a part of our lives, and my children’s too.

When I was a child, we lived in the Blue Mountains in Australia.  I was a free-range child, the eldest of four, and explored creeks and wild bush land. These primal landscapes and mountains shaped and formed me. It gave me true wanderlust which has remained with me all my life.  We moved around a lot as a family, my parents both very much nomadic by nature and after Australia I grew up for the most part in East Sussex, until I flew the nest to do my own wandering.

I studied Fine Art and History of Art/Critical Theory at Bath Academy of Art, (now Bath Spa university) and received my B.A. Hons there.

Always an explorer and dreamer, I have lived and worked in different countries, including southern France, the Cote d’Azur, and Los Angeles, where I worked as a set painter, muralist and specialist decorator in the nineties before having children. Now a mother of two, (my daughter is at Goldsmiths University and my son is a teenager,)  my passion for mountains is satiated by regular painting trips to the mountains of Andalucia.

I am interested in pattern, decoration and ornament, combined with notions of the sacred and spiritual, and Goddess archetypes.  I like to combine the intricate elements I see and feel in nature, such as cellular structure, fractals, sacred geometry, ancient manuscripts, religious iconography, and craft traditions such as lace-making in my art practice. I see painting as my meditation, both in the physical act of painting and the feeling that my work evokes when looking at the finished piece.

It is my intention to evoke a feeling of meditative contemplation. My work is all about imagination and dreams, and is seldom purely representational. I love the idea of creating our own reality, in art as in life. It is my intention, in my work and my world, to create a utopia, or a feeling of a paradise.

In the process of creation I create a world. I am a dream-weaver. I seek to convey serenity, equanimity and light. I see the painting as the Prayer. At the moment my love of trees, dreams, images of the Divine Feminine and birds are my passion and the pattern I use is the metaphor for the quantum particles within everything, and our shape and form within the infinite.

As above, so below. Sometimes surreal in quality, my interests in secular spirituality, quantum physics and metaphysics are I hope, reflected in my paintings.

As a muralist and set painter, some of my clients were:  Shakespeare's Birthplace in Stratford upon Avon, where I worked with a team painting medieval wall mounted cloth murals in original pigments, Pelham Hall, Burwash, E. Sussex, Olympia Antiques Fair, London, the Sultan of Oman, London, Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, where I worked with a team painting all the faux marble in Caesar's Forum, a large shopping mall, based on a Roman town.

Shop fronts included Louis Vuitton, Bernini, Versace, Spago's and many more.  My work included murals and specialist decoration in homes, restaurants and shops in London, France, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  I also occasionally painted sets for television and commercials.

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