Kay Green


Kay Green used to work as a TESOL language teacher and teacher trainer, until writing course materials, along with freelance writing for fiction and poetry magazines, led her to the publication of her own first book, ‘Jung’s People’. 

Her first and enduring interest is stories that explore psychology through fantasy or real-world stories, and that’s why the book was called ‘Jung’s People’, after the archetype characters we all use internally, to tell ourselves who we are.


Working with small presses led Kay to an interest in working with authors and illustrators in book production and publishing.

Around ten years ago, she was one of a group of Hastings-based authors and illustrators who founded the Earlyworks Press writers’ club, which now has members from across Europe, and runs international poetry and fiction writing competitions. 

In its first years, Earlyworks Press ran several local competitions, tailored to Hastings and St Leonards, and published books of the winning entries.

Kay now has her own small press, which produces a range of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays. Titles of particular interest to Hastings and St Leonards are Ann Kramer’s Turbulent Spinsters and Tom O’Brien’s Down Bottle Alley.

The press list also includes the famous biography of Gustav Holst, researched and written by Hastings-based composer Michael Short.