Jon Hildreth

Reminiscence Project Coordinator

Ask most ‘older’ people to talk about their lives and the response is almost always;

“Oh I’m not interesting, I won’t have much to say”.

In my many years of running Reminiscence Projects I can honestly say that I have seen a 99% change from participants worried they aren’t interesting enough to being engaged and talkative within the first 3 sessions.

That’s because we always have the most informal sessions, the participants decide the subject of the day and before everyone knows it they are all talking enthusiastically about their memories of how life used to be.

Everyone talks if they want to and everyone listens.

There’s a great satisfaction in seeing people’s confidence grow as they start to feel validated and as important a part of the group as everyone else.

In our sessions the participants are the owners of their stories and they give permission for us to publish their memories. This goes a long way in building the trust needed for people to share their life moments

I have delivered these sessions all over East Sussex and I have worked with the Beth Johnson Foundation at  Manchester university  with the focus on inter-generational Reminiscence sessions and then taken this work out to schools with mixed groups of older people and school children

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 Further Education Tutor

I got my Further Education Teaching Certificate back in 2003 and have taught basic literacy skills and ICT in community centers, libraries and and community learning centers.

The ICT lessons were mainly to help people get the skills needed to get into the workplace or for older people who wanted to engage with the technology

I have also taught basic literacy skills to DWP employees so they can deliver a better quality service.

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